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Machine Learning

Find out what machine and deep learning is and how it might effect you. Get a short overview on the methods and ideas of intelligent computing without being a computer scientist.


Text Analogies

Compare words and find analogies and relations between them. What sounds easy in the first place might be the core technology of an intelligent text search since words need to be understand and set into a context.


Named Entities

Analyse texts and automatically recognize its meaning. Modern search engines rely on information that is not just found but understood especially when a word might have multiple meanings.


Image Recognition

Feed images to your trained machine and let it find out what it is. With machine learning methods you are now able recognize content in images and will be able to smart-search through photos and pictures.


Related Words

Find words that have a relation to each other. This will not just help you to get new insights or suggested search topics but also to search in other language content. Check out our examples.


Face Detection

Automatically detect and recognize faces in images. Add this information to the picture and automatically categorize photos. The machine needs little training but learns fast to manage large stocks of pictures.


Develop with machine learning

The Cognitive Services have been developed to adapt machine and deep learning mechanisms to your systems. You can train them with data of your own or we help you to start getting new insights into your data.

All Cognitive Services: 

  • can be used stand alone
  • have a well-documented API
  • are based on JAVA and Python